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im a dirty boy... diiirty

oh yeah, pick an actor/actress that you want to portray you in the movie of my life, because when i die, there will be a movie.

and since i like the dresden dolls, i can write this... because i can write whatever i want
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i had the weirdest dream. my aunt was involved in a gun fight and killed herself. shes not the brightest bulb in the box so i could see that happening. and for some reason i was sad...odd

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just so you guys know, i dont think we currently need any more mods. if the need arises, well get back at ya, gary coleman style. I dont know what that means but i have a recent obsession with gary coleman. I bet he tastes like milk chocolate. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm gary coleman.

i didnt just say that did i?

first post from a non-mod

You said to say it with class, so I'll try.

Several months ago I had a dream which I will never forget, for it is because this dream that I have been through hours upon hours of therapy. The dream focused on an explicit sexual relationshp that I had with a gay male friend of mine at the time. He was cheating on his boyfriend with me. Disturbingly enough he was completely distorted and not himself in my dream. He was extremely short and only reached up to my knee, and he looked exactly like gonzo. He was blue and furry and had no genitals, but he did have a tail...use your imagination. Actually, don't. Needless to say I woke up in the atlantic ocean.

HOT DOG EARRINGS! oh the innuendo...

okay first post. Before posting, make sure you read the rules. okay? failure to do so will get us both reallllly pissed off, not that thats difficult to do. alright so have fun and just share your dreams. and PLEASE tell us how you felt when you woke up to realize what had happened. We're obsessed.
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