boys getting wet

and it wasnt a shower!

emitting your racoon's sleeping habits
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share your wet dreams, but you have to be really descriptive as to how you felt when you woke up. graphically so, thanks. and ladies, of course you're welcome to share as well!

General Regulations
  • say it with class. This isnt a cyber sex community.

  • Do NOt SpEaK LyK DiS. it makes you look like a moron. if youre a moron dont join, and go kill yourself

  • Dont talk about your relationship problems. This is about "accidental overload"

  • please refrain from talking about how much you need to get laid. even jesus needed some ass but we still dont wanna hear about it

  • feel free to talk about your childhood memories ;) dont talk about being a dirty 30 year old man still living in your parents basement eating chef boyardee and getting off to your dead dads old porn.

  • no posting off topic unless...

  • youre a gorgeous lanky boy in tight pants

  • you like the dresden dolls

  • you wanna show us your cool vintage clothes

  • your name is jim zorn? or mike natoli

  • hey...we need to dream too

    the mods!